What is RescueSale? - A short explanation.
RescueSale is a broker, which means that we act as intermediary for selling and buying equipment and vehicles for fire, emergency and medical emergency transports. We are therefore an independent party and can accept assignments from both buyers and sellers.

About RescueSale - The history behind RescueSale goes many years back. Started in May 2001 after marketing research in January and February.
Owner of the concept and the name RescueSale is RescueSale AB.

Conditions are simple – when RescueSale act as intermediary for selling or buying, after decision have been made, a debit in form of a commission will be made. It is up to the buyer or seller to ask for assistance from RescueSale to carry out the deal, witch won’t cost more or less. The commission debit is for the contact between buyer and seller made by us.
At the moment the commission fee is different for vehicles and equipment. Contact us for current %-rate. Earlier we demanded that each sell should have a separate contract but since we have several fire brigades that use our services on a regular basis we now have the possibility to sign the conditions once and the contract runs until another agreement is made. The images on our site may be edited; labels and other recognition can be erased.
Our minimal commission fee is at the moment 100 sek + VAT.

Geographic area – We act as intermediary primary within Sweden and Norway but also Denmark and Finland have also been, is still is, highly topical. The latest countries are Germany, Poland Baltic states and Netherlands. We do not limit our geographical area; we expand after your demands.

Areas of use – When someone has an interest in buying equipment or vehicle they contact RescueSale. No fee is charged to announce an interest in buying or selling.
We have costumers within government fire brigades as well as industrial – and voluntary fire brigades.

All prices are excluding VAT if nothing else is stated!

RescueSale AB

PO Box: 11088

Phone: +46 (0)280 33 010